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The GB 214 is a very compact passive high power subwoofer. The two innovative 14" long excursion neodymium speakers in a hybrid arrangement can produce a real punchy bass foundation within their low profile enclosure. The low tuning ensures a voluminous sound impression in conjunction with absolute precision and responsiveness.

GB 214 (Galo Series)

Ground Version

The GB 214 is the recommended system subwoofer for hybrid speakers QF 5045 V2 and QH 5045 V2 of the PANO Series. It can be deployed as single subwoofer or in bass array configurations. The GB 214 is designed for applications in horizontal or upright position.


Flying Version

The GB 214 X is recommended as flying subwoofer for the GALO G10 line array system. It can be utilised directly with the line array or standalone in a flying subwoofer array configuration.

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