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The MCX 10 is a compact high-performance coaxial stage monitor. Depending on the application, the design enables three set-up options: 35° angle for moni-toring from short distances, 55° for longer distances, and 90° e.g. for front-fill applications at the stage edge. Due to its inconspicuous design, the MCX 10 fits harmoniously and eleganty into all surroundings. The speaker features a broad dispersion of 70°. The highly sturdy monitor convinces with its precise sound reproduction and gives musicians on stage a top-class sound experience. The flange inside the handle provides the possibility to use the MCX 10 as a PA system on a high stand. If required, the MCX 10 combines perfectly with the QLB 215 or QLB 118 X/G subwoofers. The monitor offers three Neutrik NL4 speakon connectors. Two of them are placed on the side of the high stand flange.

MCX 10 (Pano Series)

  • enclosure design for different positions (speaker stand, monitor, front fill)
  • pole mount integrated in side handle
  • left- and back facing connector panel
  • compact dimensions und low weight
  • flyable (truss mounting) with optional flying frame

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