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The direct-radiating high-performance subwoofer is equipped with a new developed 18” subwoofer with tetra coil & dual voice coil. The tunnel design of the bass reflex casing has been optimized to minimize air flow noise. These innovations distinctly increase the sound and reproduction quality. Hence the QLB 118 X sound tight and feature a proper impulse response without loosing the deep bass reproduction of a 18“ subwoofer. It is recommended as a universal subwoofer for creating powerful bass arrays in combination with the line array and hybrid elements of the PANO series. Its mechanical construction provides the KME typical stability. Functional details set new standards – perfectly placed handles, stacking elements and the QLB 118X with the integrated Quick Release Hardware system which enables flying and groundstacking in combination with the PANO line array elements.

QLB 118 X (Pano Series)

  • directly radiating, passive, high power 18" subwoofer
  • stable and weatherresistant enclosure with black polyurethane coating
  • KME Quick Release - integrated rigging- & stacking sysstem
  • stacking elements and notches guarantee safe stacking
  • Factory-Presets for setup of bass arrays with omnidirectional or directional dispersion

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