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The single hybrid array element QF 5045 V2 (newly developed high frequency unit) with a dispersion of 50° horizontal and 45° vertical is an absolute novelty in the combination of line source and point source technologies. The QF 5045 V2 contains a high frequency unit with 4 x 1“ HF drivers which are coherently working on a waveguide guaranteeing a precise dispersion and seamless transition of the high frequencies between the array elements. The mid range system is a direct radiating 12“ neodymium speaker. In this system the requirements for compact dimensions, high SPL and defined dispersion of a line array are combined in a symbiosis. The tonal tuning enables the operation of the 2-way system as full-range system or as mid/high system within a powerful PA combination. The QF 5045 V2 is optimized for clustering of maximum three units both in groundstacking and flying mode. Furthermore, thanks to the integrated flange, the operation on a high stand is possible.

QF 5045 V2 (Pano Series)

Components 1 x 12“ + 4 x 1“ neodymium
Dispersion (h x v) 50° x 45°
Nominal load (AES / program) 450 / 900 W
Impedance 8 ohms
SPL nom. (Fullspace@1W/1m) / max. SPL (at AES nominal load) 98 / 125 dB
Frequency range (-6 dB) 60 Hz - 20 kHz
Dimensions (W x H x D) 450 x 680 x 410 mm
Weight 26 kg
Connectors 2x Speakon NL 4
Finishing PU coating (black)
Mounting threads 8x M10 (4x top- and 4x bottom side), 1x M10 safety thread
Crossover frequency 1800 Hz
Special features 2 x butterfly handles three sided
Protective grille high protective comb grid with acoustic foam
Protection class IP 44

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